Paris | XF 10-24mm

Let's face it, shooting architecture and landscapes is not something I feel comfortable with. However I've always been attracted by long exposure and sunset shots. Three things were missing so far in order to start an long exposure architecture project and I managed to get two of those already:

  • the will (yep, got it eventually)
  • a proper lens. The Fujinon XF 10-24mm f/4 has been delivered!
  • filters (still missing those babies but it doesn't prevent from training and shooting)

Unfortunately for me the 10-24mm I ordered came with dust between two lenses and I could only play with it for half a day before sending it back. The pictures below are a tiny set of what I could quickly shoot in the morning before going to work and during my lunch time in Paris.

The lens is performing very well, rings are smooth and feel extremely well built. The OIS is nearly silent (only a slight breeze can be heard) and the autofocus is the fastest I could experience so far with my X-T1.

The dust issue makes me wonder though why Fuji didn't come up with a weather sealed version in the first place. I can't wait to get another lens back. Hopefully without dust this time.

Next on my list Lee Filters. There're expensive but the Se7en 5 system is so nice and easy to use that I'll continue to empty my bank account with a smile.