Decomposing a picture

Some of the pictures I end up posting can be compositions made of several files. This particular one is made of two separate shots. The following step by step tutorial shows you how I created it.

The original image was captured during the day and as you can see was significantly underexposed. Editing it in Lightroom was all about retrieving details in the shadows. Then I applied my usual workflow i.e. a Totally Rad! Replichrome preset followed by minor adjustments as shown on the right. The final result is a black and white conversion. Check out the before / after below.

Time to export the picture to Photoshop.

The first step consisted in cropping the picture to a square format as shown below. I duplicated the layer and applied a directional blur filter before masking out some parts on the newly created layer (mostly the water). 

Next I went on and downloaded the image below. With the magic wand tool I selected all the broken parts in the windows and applied a feather of 2 pixels on each selection before deleting them (see below). Then I copied / pasted the modified picture in my original file twice. I changed the layer opacity to 70% on the first (top) copy. On the second (bottom) copy I masked out all the glass elements completely leaving only the bricks, metal and wood parts visible. This created the transparency I needed to see the landscape through the windows. I flattened both layers in to one using CMD+E (CTRL+E on PC).

Using CMD+SHIFT+U (CTRL+SHIFT+U on PC), I desaturated the new layer to get a black and white version of it. Then I applied a curves adjustment to increase its overall contrast.

I flattened all the existing layers in a separate one using CMD+SHIFT+ALT+E (CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+E on PC) and I applied a SilverEfex Pro 2 preset (in this case preset #06). There too I also masked out some parts of the newly created layer as shown below (again, mainly the broken parts of the window).

The next part is just fine tuning with me adding a texture to the file. For this I used Analog Efex Pro from the Goolge Nik Collection and masked out again the parts where the glass is broken. I also made sure to mask out the stone and wood in order to give this impression of old/used glass everywhere else.